4:20 with BOB THE SPLIFF.

What Time Is It!!!!!!?

It’s exactly 4:20, My favourite time of everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I barely have friends, not because i can’t make any or keep any but mainly because i really don’t trust nobody.

I know a lot of people that i can’t call friends, obviously because they’ve done me dirty over and over again.

There’s really only one person i can trust and that’s BOB THE SPLIFF, the perfectly rolled in rizzla ganja, i call him BOB THE SPLIFF, fits perfectly in between my fingers, helps me forget my pain and keeps me sane.

Lighter on one hand, BOB THE SPLIFF on the other, going in and out my mouth in an airtight room while listening to loud trap music from (YG, OFFSET, TYGA, PEN GRIFFEY, TY DOLLAR SIGN, MEGAN THEE STALLION, RICH HOMIE QUAN, XXXTENTACION, WAYNE, CARDI, NICKI MINAJ, UZI & LIL BABY) banging through the speakers.

I left some food in the microwave because hunger knows no bound when i’m with BOB THE SPLIFF, I’m wasted but i love this feeling, EUPHORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knocked Out on my bed, its past midnight but i’ll do this again at exactly 4:20 with BOB THE SPLIFF tomorrow, the day after and the next day as well.


After a hectic day at school, I took a two hour drive to my favourite café to get my favourite chocolate latté & my favourite chicken salad, I sat there waiting on my order, considering how tired I was from the day’s stress, I was eager to get home and catch some sleep, the waiter approached me and told me my order will take a while and I was obviously famished but I was willing to wait because no café in town made latté like they did.

I was on my phone but I looked up for a second and there she was, who was she? I had no clue either but I was certain I liked what I was seeing.

She had her hair up in two buns, she wore a shirt, a bright white shirt and a pink jean skirt she got from OhPolly(a UK women’s clothing brand), how did I know? I knew because I had the same skirt but in black, she paired it with white fila kicks while she had her phone in her hand, I sat there paying attention to her every detail, she was beautiful and I couldn’t stop staring, Was I gay? No I Wasn’t, not until she walked in anyways!

She was gorgeous and I was dying to know how she tasted.
She looked like unaccustomed wine, You Know! the kind you taste for the very first time that leaves you yearning for more.

My salad & latté were ready and I paid for it, ready to leave and my phone beeped, I didn’t check it, not until I got in the car, it was her!!! she airdropped me her name and number, Could this be the start to something? I have no clue. Was I willing to try? Oh hell Yes!!!

VANESSA FROM D’CAFE. +23481200786xx


You left me scarred,

But time heals all wounds they say.

Forgiving you for all the hurt you caused me is hard,

But time heals all wounds they say.

You never physically hit me but emotionally you destroyed me,

But time heals all wounds they say.

Three years after and I still want you,

But time heals all wounds they say.

I’ll get over you, maybe not immediately but definitely because TIME heals all wounds I say.


Dear LOML,

I have loved you for as long as I can remember and as each day passes, I fall in love with you even more.

You could break my heart in two but when it heals it beats for you, I know its forward but its true!!

In as much as everybody has tried to paint a clear picture of your flaws, I swear I still can’t see them.

Drunk off of your love, It fucked my head up, There’s no forgetting you.

Yes! You were the fire and I, Gasoline. But I guess I didn’t care if the explosion ruined me.

Yeah we were close but inconsistent, You held my heart at a safer distance.

I know I’m acting a bit crazy, strung out! A little bit hazy. Hand over heart I’m praying that I’m going to make it out alive.

Save your advice cause I won’t hear, You might be right but I don’t care, There’s a million reasons why I should give you up but my heart wants what it wants.

You’re stuck in my head and I can’t get you out of it, If I was to do it all over again, I know I’ll run back to you.

Even though you don’t mean to hurt me,unconsciously you’re tearing me apart.



All dolled up in my mini red leather skirt I got from fashionova, a bralette I got from ootdfash and thigh high boots to match.

Off to the club with my girls on a Friday night,

Everybody staring as we walk in, looking like a million bucks and all with our faces beat to perfection.

Hennessey in our glasses, its a wild night already. Mister DJ had my favourite song Trobul by Wurld playing and the dirty dancing began.

All my girls are dirty dancers, We ain’t even done dancing to Trobul and Sean Tizzle’s Pempe comes up, Our home training went out the door immediately.

Booties popping, hips swaying, legs moving, glasses shattering,lip syncing to the song behind, shouting at the top of our lungs. We was wilding!!!

Boys staring, Girls want to hang but then again, we really didn’t need anybody but ourselves.

3am and we could barely stand on our feet, Hennessey had our heads fucked up but we didn’t care. We had fun and that was all that mattered at the moment.

Back home! Annie pulled her wig asap and fell to the floor, Nikki took off her clothes and went straight to the bathroom to puke, Chi was surprisingly not intoxicated at all, I on the other hand couldn’t remember a thing the next morning.


Do you remember the night you woke me up just to tell me how beautiful I was and that you loved me?

Remember the day you asked God why you were so lucky for him to have to bless you with me?

Do you remember the late night strolls to get food all because we were hungry at 3am!?

Remember the day we talked about how we were going to get married in Paris!?

Do you remember the very first time we kissed, I leaned in for it remember?

Do you also remember when You called me the Love of your life?

It never happened.

It was all in my head, That’s why you don’t remember!!!

I’m sorry I wanted you to remember what never was and will probably never be. x


It feels like a part of me is missing,

No calls from you, No texts either.

Its 12am and I’m on my smartphone per usual, stalking you on every social media platform.

God! You’re so beautiful, I can’t even look you in the eye because I’ll most likely crash and burn just looking in them.

I feel like I’m over you because we’re miles apart, But then again I can’t promise I won’t run into your arms when I see you again though.

Yes! I’ll always be your greatest fan, All you ever do is break my heart but I’ll forever love you like a STAN.


Wait! But how am I supposed to live without your kisses?

The late night laying on your chest and the forehead kisses that came right before weren’t going to be no more!?

The fighting and immediate apologies are all going to be gone too?

Oh! So you really like seeing me broken hearted and in tears too?

Are you taking the butterflies in my tummy that appeared every time I see you too?

How much more cold hearted and mean could you be!?


Well I guess not, but I’ll learn to live without YOU anyways.


Always been a sucker for the way you move, babe.

And I tried to run but it was useless.

You’re to blame!

Just like Narcotics, Heroin, Morphine.

Just one hit of him and now I‘ll never be the same.

Off of his kisses, I overdosed.

He said “stop playing it safe, Girl I want to see you loose control”

Now all I see is red and I can’t think straight anymore.

All I see are blurred lines,I swear you intoxicate me.

Suddenly I’m a FIEND, and you’re all I need.



Following my merriam-webster dictionary which defines SOLITUDE as ‘A state or situation in which you are alone usually because you want to be’ whilst defining DEPRESSION as ‘A state of feeling sad and lonely’.

Enjoying your SOLITUDE is an important part of Growth, figuring out what you like and practicing new things in your own space is essential in one’s life.

There are toxic people you surround yourself by, and the only way you can figure out how uninterested they are in your growth is to

detach yourself from them and enjoy your alone time.


is the key to open every door to your growth.